5 Imaginative & Unique Gifts From Natural Pod

Not only are they wonderful for the environment, natural toys also encourage and support creative and imaginative play. Silk scarves, wooden toys, Waldorf dolls, these are all examples of natural toys that offer endless possibilities during play-time. Because there are no bright colors, drawn in features or real ‘rules’ telling a child what/who the toy is, kids are given the ability to use their imaginations to build, create stories and play without limitations.

Natural Pod is an online store that offers some of the nicest natural toys we have seen. Mothering Magazine is a huge fan of this company and lists their products in their annual Holiday Gift Guide, every year.

I put together 5 picks of the most unique finds I found on Natural Pod. Pictured above is a Double Playstand With Arch. This prop can be transformed into anything: a store, a house, kitchen, theatre – whatever your child makes of it. Measuring 15.5″ deep x 36″ wide and 56″ high, this is a larger piece that would be suited for outdoor play r in a large indoor playroom. It is handmade on Vancouver Island and is a product exclusive to Natural Pod. Price: $650.00

Soap felting is super fun! I made a couple with a friend of mine and our children last Spring. This kit includes enough materials to felt two small bars of soap:2 bars of locally handmade organic Shea butter Soap, natural unbleached white wool (may contain some plant matter), accent colours in plant dyed local wool blended with merino. Once felted, these soaps make a great gift as they are a combination of a scrubby and soap. Price: $11.99

Made of solid birch and oil finished, this 10 Pin Bowling Set is a great alternative to the plastic varieties! Price: $19.99.

Each one of these sweet Nativity Family Figures are sculpted by hand using clouds of 100% wool fiber, a felting needle and lots of patience! Measuring just 5 1/2″ inches tall, the set would be perfect for a Nature Table or by your child’s bedside. The Mary and Joseph figures have an internal wire frame which allows them to change positions. Price: $89.00

Mount this Fairy Door on a tree trunk, stump, fence post or any other area that a magical fairy or gnome may live, for a magical experience (comes with nails and pre-drilled nail holes). Price: $25.46