Beaba Pixie Night Light: The Perfect Light For Babies and Toddlers

Every time a great European product (aren’t they all great?) is released to North America, I get giddy. When Scandinavian Child announced that they were bringing French brand, Beaba’s adorable Pixie Night Light to the United States and Canada, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Everything from the whimsical soft plastic green ‘hat’ to the soft white glow this light provides, appeals to little ones from infancy right up through toddlerhood. Both of my girls share a bedroom, and we usually leave the light on in the hallway because the plug-in style night light is a hazard for my youngest. The Pixie Night Light is a soothing, energy-efficient solution to our usual routine.

This rechargeable LED light is equipped with two settings of brightness, so that it can transform from a soft night light to a brighter lantern. This is great for nightly trips to the bathroom!

Because of the way the ‘hat’ or handle is designed, children of all ages can pick it up without difficulty. I usually recharge the light during the day on the base and then take it off before the kids go to bed. This way, there is no electrical components in their bedroom and I don’t have to worry about my daughter reaching for the electrical socket.

Thanks to the LED lighting, this light never gets hot and the entire unit is super lightweight. It is BPA-free, has met all relevant safety standards and you can even let your little one play with it in their crib. Once charged, the Pixie Night Light provides up to 6 hours of light.

Price: $49.95 from Scandinavian Child.

*Thank you to Scandinavian Child for providing us with this light for review!*