Tired Of The Typical ‘Wasteful’ Holiday Season? Why Not Try A Toy Swap This Year!

The holiday season is in full swing, with parents pulling out their credit cards (or typing out their credit card numbers) to purchase toys and gifts for their children. For many, this is year has been a tough one with the way the economy has been in the United States and it’s affects spreading across the world. Luckily, you don’t have to have much money this year, to get your children some new toys!

Just in time for the holidays, thredUP, our favorite children’s clothing exchange programs, has extended the swapping platform to include toys! This new exchange platform allows parents to exchange boxes of toys that their kids no longer play with, for boxes of ‘new’ gently used toys.

I know even for ourselves, many of my children’s toys are brought to the Goodwill once they have outgrown or become ‘bored’ with them. Starting today, parents can trade in boxes of their second-hand toys online through thredUp, using the USPS flat box and door-to-door service thredUP has become known for.

thredUP’s toy exchange works exactly like the existing swap service. Members can browse “Toy Boxes,” and pick one they’d like to receive — paying only $5 plus shipping. That box of toys is sent to their doorstep. On the “send” side, swappers list boxes of toys their kids no longer play with. Box owners are notified when another member has picked their listing. thredUP generates the shipping label and schedules home pick-up — facilitating a seamlessly even trade.

To top it off, thredUP is powering the nation’s largest Online Holiday Toy Swap, encouraging families to reuse during this typically wasteful season. Their aim is to save parents $500,000 in holiday shopping costs this season through their clothing and toy swap service.

Pretty cool, huh? Check out their website for more info!