The Santa Clause Hat: 5 Fabulous Picks For The Entire Family

I don’t know about your kids, but mine have been sporting the Santa Clause Hat for the last few days, with no signs of ever taking them off. While searching around for these famous hats, I came across some really cute versions, that I just had to share.

The hat above is quite possibly the most adorable Santa Clause hat, I have ever seen – perfect for holiday photos! As each hat is made to order, you can choose from either newborn, baby, toddler or adult sizes. Isn’t the trim gorgeous? Price: $35.00 from Dianirasoto on Etsy.

How cute is this? Personalized Santa hats for Mama and Papa. $18.00 for 2 from Doodle Girls on Etsy

Are you naughty or nice? Just turn this hat around depending on your mood, and everyone will know. Price: $6.98 from Amazon.com.

Classic Santa Clause hats are always a good choice – as long as they are plush and the trim is soft and furry. Amazon.com sells an affordable one for $7.99.

You can’t leave the family pets out on all the festivities! This hat is designed for a cat or small dog (5-20 lbs) and secures with a tie underneath the chin with spaces for the ears. Price: $26.00 from xmoonbloom on Etsy.