Jeggings – The Faux Jean: Our Top 3 Picks For The Latest Fashion Do

As soon as they hit the shelves, Jeggings became a huge hit! Gap came out with their own version, American Eagle’s flew off the shelves, and then Miracle Body converted the skeptics with their incredible, perfectly fitting jean leggings.

When the child-sized versions came out, there was a bit of controversy over the whole deal. Quite honestly, I couldn’t understand it for the life of me. We dress our babies and kids up in leggings, so why would the jeggings be any different?

Chopstik Kids has designed THE perfect jegging for children (pictured above). My daughter lives in her pair, and they look amazing on. Not quite as tight as leggings, these faux denim leggings are silky soft and come in the classic version or embellished with a bit of edgy or sassy bling.

Baby Gap introduced a classic pair of jeggings early fall, but they completely sold out. Now, they’ve updated the look by integrating the new ‘stirrup’ pant craze that has just started. Available in black and blue, these come in sizes from 12 months up to 5 years. Price: $24.50

Tori Spelling‘s clothing line for children, Little Maven, put a spin on the denim by designing Grey Jeggings. Paired with a cream sweater, you have one of the chicest outfits this holiday season has ever seen! Price: $25.20