Best Gifts For Girly Girls – Our Holiday 2010 Gift Guide Picks

My husband and I have tried to keep things as gender neutral as possible in our household, but our attempts have been utterly futile. We have the two girliest girls you could possibly imagine! Pink, pink, purple and then some more pink. Disney princesses, dolls, flowers, necklaces, hair bands, purses, shoes and every toy geared towards girls are worshiped by my daughters.

This gift guide is dedicated to the girly girl. Not all girls are overly girly, but mine are and I love it! 😉

From top left:

Flower Fairy Tea Set

Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies, are as classic and elegant as they come. I was entranced with the entire series of books when I was younger, and of course the books have now been passed down to my children. This porcelain tea set features these magical fairies and then each pieces is finished with 24k gold.

Price: $64.98 from Hearthsong

Dollie & Me

The new Dollie & Me collection allows your little girl to dress up just like her doll. You can plan adventures, create your own photo frames online and play dress up by purchasing matching outfits. This new collection is so popular it won the Platinum Oppenheim Toy Award!

Price: $38.00 from Dollie & Me

Valco ‘Just Like Mom’ Baby Strollers

I saw these carriages first hand at the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas this year and was blown away by the incredible quality! Forget about those rinky, dink plastic strollers – Valco’s new baby carriages are made so well, they are essentially a miniaturized luxury stroller.

Price: $110.00 from Valco Baby

Felt Flower Headbands with Ribbon

These gorgeous handmade headbands are not your typical hair accessory. Perfect for the holidays and winter months, the felt is just stunning!

Price: $16.00 from Giddy Up and Grow on Etsy

Fabric Victorian ‘Paper’ Dolls

Nothing beats the vintage Victorian paper dolls! They keep your attention span much longer than regular ones because of the intricate detailing and stunning outfits (yes I know this from experience). These fabric paper dolls are much better than the original versions because they are durable. Unlike the delicate paper variety, these fabric paper dolls are backed with stiffener and fusible fleece making them perfect for little ones.

Price: $10.00 from Kellett Kreations on Etsy