Hyatt Resorts Brings Fun To Family Travel With New Toy Box Program

Hyatt Resorts announced the launch of their new Toy Box program last week, a family friendly amenity designed to remove some of the challenges faced by parents when traveling with children. Arriving at a participating Hyatt resort in the U.S. and Caribbean, families will be able to review the Toy Box book which lists 24 toys available for complimentary check-out during their stay. The box is powered  by Toy Tips, the premiere toy testing group that thoroughly reviews toys independently (without payment) through their Toy Tips Research Institute.

Divided into four different age groups – toddler, preschool, school age and tween, the Toy Tips Box is filled with everything from LEGO® to Tonka trucks to board games. Each toy is accompanied by a detailed toy report card with ratings of developmental skills their child will be learning during play. At the end of your families stay, the toys are then returned, thoroughly inspected for any broken pieces and are then cleaned with Toy Tips Toy Cleaner, a non-chemical, eco-friendly cleaner, before it is checked out by the next guest.

“Traveling with children is a unique challenge, and bringing their favorite toys can be even trickier,” said Carlos Cabrera, senior vice president of field operations, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “With the Hyatt Resorts Toy Box, children of all ages can have a fun-filled vacation with toys at their fingertips, helping parents to alleviate the burden of packing and carrying extra luggage.”

This program is a great addition to the brand’s already family friendly amenities where programs such as  a dedicated Kids Concierge, partnership with Babies Travel Lite, a program that delivers baby products directly to the hotel and the acclaimed Camp Hyatt, one of the first resort programs created especially for kids, which offers fun, hands-on activities focusing on the culture, history and geography of each resort’s surroundings.

Visit Hyattresorts.com for rates and availability or the Toy Box website for a list of participating resorts.