To the delight of many, Prince William announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton yesterday. As the “princess to be”, Kate will become what many little girls dream of! Of course, becoming a princess is more than just a beautiful girl with pretty gowns and jewels. A real princess is one that embodies compassion and kindness. One of our sponsors, Princess Prep offers a program unlike any other.

This London-based sleep away camp was founded by author and royalty expert Ms. Jerramy Fine for American girls ages 8-11 years old. The camp’s unique curriculum takes inspiration from real princesses and focuses on royal history, manners, philanthropy and kindness.

In a royal-like landscape, this London-based camp provides the perfect fairytale setting to study the art of being a princess. The Princess Prep itinerary is filled with daily etiquette lessons and fun outings such as horse riding in Hyde Park, tea at Kensington Palace, a day at Hampton Court Palace, nights at the theater, volunteer work at a Royal charity and tours of the Crown Jewels and Buckingham Palace. At the end of the day, girls are encouraged to write what they learned in their journals before enjoying a princess-themed movie.

Check out the intinerary for the first two days here!

Princess Prep is currently accepting applications for summer 2011. Please visit their website for more information or call 917-267-8579.

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