The Unique Boat-Shaped Baby Cradle Sure To Become A Heirloom

If you are a boating enthusiast, or if you are looking for a cradle that is SURE to become a family heirloom, take a look at this masterfully handcrafted LapSreak Baby Cradle. Crafted from Sepele and Beech wood, this unique boat-shaped cradle is made by Dragonfly Wood Wrights on Etsy. Because of the unique and completely custom shape, the cradle’s mattress and sheet are also custom made in order to fit perfectly.

You have the option of having your baby’s name or family’s surname engraved on the transom to make this a true family heirloom. Once your baby has out-grown the cradle, the seller recommends you remove the mattress and use it as you would a rocking horse or toy box.

All gorgeous and custom pieces usually come at a price and this is no exception. One of these rocking boats will cost you $1,175.00.