Adorable Le Dressing Flounce Skirt Gift Set

I love this beautiful Le Dressing gift set! It combines a girly satin effect flounce skirt with ruffles which is just perfect for spinning round in circles and dancing to your hearts content, with  a perfectly matching lavender t-shirt which is made from thick, crinkled fabric that gives it a beautiful texture and feel.

On the front there is a bow, some printed text and two cute fabric buttons.

I love that fact that this has been made into a gift set and the presentation of it sounds just as stunning as the outfit itself! It comes in a beautiful pop-up gift box with magnetic closure, along with a special card. They will hand write a message of your choice and the price of the gift pack includes the gift box.

They currently have it stocked at Bibaloo for a reasonable £45 and right now they have it stocked in sizes 4yrs, 6yrs and 8yrs.

Perfect for Christmas gifting or for any special little princess who deserves pampering!

Get it HERE.

Becky Bowden

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