Sophie Kinsella’s New Book ‘Mini Shopaholic’ Downsizes To Kids Fashion!

Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my most loved books, the whole series is fab and Sophia Kinsella does a great job of mixing fashion with interesting story lines.

However, in her latest book ‘Mini Shopaholic’ even Kinsella has had to cut back on her shopping binges as the world’s economy went into a tailspin. Instead in this book she focuses on children’s fashion, because let’s face it; it is easier to deprive yourself of that must wanted item of clothing or designer handbag than it is to resist an adorable accessory for your child!

Sophia Kinsella says:

“When you have your little baby you want to nurture them, clothe them, give them everything they need. You feel like you have to wrap the child up to make a better world for them. The desire to buy really cute boots for them comes from that same place.”

“When I was pregnant, nesting for me was shopping in catalogues.”

In the new book ‘Mini Shopaholic’ we see main character Becky Bloomwood Brandon determined to cut her own spending habits, this doesn’t stop her from adding items to the closet of 2 year old ‘minnie’ who doesn’t quite get the fashion concept and thinks nothing of throwing a tantrum anywhere from home to Harrods!
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Kinsella explains: “Becky really sees herself as being selfless when she first decides she is just buying things for Minnie,” but ends up learning her own lessons about the things that are really important in her own life.

Kinsella says she cherishes the tweed blazers she bought for her three eldest sons. Only the older two technically needed them as school uniforms, but she thought it unfair not to buy for her then-2-year-old. “I had to buy a size 4 because there were no 2s, but I just rolled the sleeves and he just looked adorable.”

For her 5-month-old, Kinsella could not resist a splurge on an antique baby carriage that is straight out of “Mary Poppins.”

“It’s the least practical thing, but he’s using it now, and that’s important. And after he grows out of it, I will keep my handbags in it. I hankered for the pram for all the boys, and I’m happy to finally have one.”

She goes on to reveal that for the most part, her children respect her style savvy advice, saying “I give them gentle advice, something like, ‘Yeah, that looks great, but you could try this outfit instead.'” But she suspects that her 5 year old son, with an ever expanding wishlist of products could be the real shopper of the family.

“He knows he can’t ask for 100 things for his birthday, so now he’s already asking for things for next birthday, and his 11th birthday, and his 19th birthday,” she says.

I can’t wait to read the latest book myself and keep up with Becky’s adventures! You can purchase the hardcover version right now through Amazon.com for $13.99.

Becky Bowden

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