Fashionable Teddy Bears With An Amazing Stylist Make Headlines

You would think that with all of the toy companies, and teddy bear manufacturers out there, starting up another would be a challenge. Not for this mother and son team! A brand-new line of fashionable plush toys – The Adventures of Zylie the Bear – is making headlines around the world. Not only are awards programs talking about this new collection, but it has already received the industry’s top honor, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

Two of the toys, Zylie the Bear and Shen the Panda, were featured on the TODAY Show on October 12 as part of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s announcement. They were introduced as “… having the most amazing stylist. They almost look like they have on Tory Burch clothes …”

The collection has also received Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Children’s Products Award, announced October 18!

Ms. Minton and her son Matt McCarty, launched the collection in April 2010. Ms. Minton came up with the idea of dress-up bears several years ago, while observing her daughters play. Because of the teddy’s round tummies and short legs, clothing just didn’t fit right.

What makes these teddy bears so different from the others is, like a doll, they are designed to be dressed up. Zylie, the star of the collection,  is played out in a series of children’s books, and follows her travels around the world as she meets new friends who become part of the collection; her first stop is China where she meets Shen the Panda. Zylie the Bear and Shen the Panda are available in kits, which include a bear, clothes, accessories, a book, and 4 separately-sold outfits. The company is planning on adding additional characters and adventures to the collection, as well as new outfits for Zylie and Shen.

As the company heads into its first holiday season, it is planning a series of exciting promotions and opportunities to win the bears. These promotions and contests will be available through its website, .

Zylie and her friends are available now on Amazon.com, the company’s website, and at Smart Kids Toys of Greenwich, CT and the Toy Chest in Ridgefield, Wilton and New Canaan, CT.

Price: Kits retail for $75.00