Jazzy Toes: Not Quite Shoes, But Definitely Not Your Average Baby Socks!

I caught a glimpse of these super cute socks, while making my way to an appointment during the ABC Kids 2010 in Las Vegas, and immediately backed up. Quirky, humorous and stylish designs are put to silky socks with non-skid bottoms. The Little Athlete set is simply adorable for boys and girls, and the Little Miss Sunshine is great for little piggies.

Jazzy Toes come in such a wide range of cute styles, making it difficult to choose. This is why I love their Hamptons Variety Pack (pictured below).

This variety pack of 6 ($27) is a great gift idea, and a wonderful way to try out different styles!

This year, Jazzy Toes has come up with slippers, a great solution for the colder months. The non-skid soft leather soles flex, allowing your child’s feet to develop naturally. I love the elastic cuff addition as it prevents your little one from pulling their slipper off!

These slippers are suitable for infants ages 3 months – 24 months. You can purchase the Cowboy Boot, Rock ‘n Roll and Goth versions on Jazzy Toes website for $18.

*Company provided sample for review.*