How To Choose The Right Children’s Jacket For The Fall

Fall is here, and in some area of the USA, parents are just beginning to look for the best toddler jackets to get through the cooler weather. A great autumn jacket will last long into the spring time without wearing out or getting in the way of fun. Picking the right one can mean not worrying about the weather as temperatures drop.

Nearly every fall the major trends go back around to leather, and with good reason. This natural fabric is both durable and stylish for everyone to wear. No matter if you are 1 year or 40 years, a great leather jacket can be an investment that pays off over time. From jumping in piles of leaves to staying warm when the wind blows, leather is a great choice for staying bundled up.

Children put a lot of wear into their coats and jackets, and it shows. Flimsy, low cost jackets may save a few dollars now, but they will add up quickly when you have to replace a torn or worn down jacket midyear. Spend the extra money to buy a well built, durable jacket. Natural fabrics such as leather and wool are more likely to survive the play that children do.

Though thick, bulky coats are great for staying home, they often get in the way of play time. This can make getting your kids to wear them a real chore. Unless there is a blizzard outside, choose thinner jackets and sweaters that can be layered. Layering keeps kids just as warm, without as much bulk as some coats. A thinner jacket, worn over a hooded sweater and long sleeved t-shirt will be warm and less likely to cause a fight every time your kids head outside.

For the picky children who refuse to wear a coat, make it fun.  So many fashion designers are making their jackets fun with animal inspirations, floppy puppy dog ears on hoods, bunny tails on the back and even faux-fur prints.  Tell your little one how adorable they look as your little puppy and they will rush to get their coats on.  Even baby hats have gotten in on this trend, with ears and fun embellishments. What could be simpler?

When fall moves in it is the perfect time to wrap up in a jacket and head outside for some autumn fun. With the right jacket, your children can stay toasty warm and still have a great time. Think good quality, durable jackets that can be layered for a more all-season approach.

By Summer Minor a children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.