Review: Porter Airlines Offers First Class Service For Everyone

Porter is the newest and greatest airline to hit the skies. From the cheap fares and close-to downtown terminal to the superb service and amenities, this is all-round the nicest airline I’ve ever traveled with. Startraks, the official star ranking program, has given Porter a 4 star ranking. This award is held by airlines such as Etihad, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic.

Flying out of the Toronto City Center airport, Porter offers an experience that is remarkably different from other airlines. First of all, they close to downtown Toronto and you can hop on the free transit near Toronto’s Union Station that takes to and from the terminal. Also they use Apple computers. As I was raised on the Mac system, I guess you can say I am a little biased, but when you walk up and see an entire line-up of Apples, it’s quite impressive!

Customer service is served with style, class and of course, a smile. The check-in system is smooth and headache free. I found it faster then West Jet and Air Canada. Once we passed through customs, we arrived at the comfortable passenger lounge. This was the icing on the cake!

Free wifi and newspapers, as well as a self-serve cafe with biscotti, snacks, tea, coffee, espresso, cafe lattes, cappuccinos, you name it. All complimentary.

There is also a business center area that has over 13 iMacs ready for you to use while you wait for your flight. Amazing! The service was first-class.

When boarding, I noticed that the planes were one the small size, although definitely more comfortable then Air Canada’s Jazz. The friendly flight attendants wear cute pill-box hats that are reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. My daughter wasn’t feeling very well when we traveled that day and the attendants were more than accommodating.

Snacks and drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are complimentary. The snacks were very nice and healthy to boot! My husband appreciated the free beer. When traveling with 2 kids under 5, a pick-me-up is much needed!

Because our flight to Newark was so short, I didn’t miss the lack of televisions. I can imagine that for a longer flight, this would be an issue, but when you are in the air for an hour, you don’t miss it.

Would I fly Porter again? In a heartbeat.

Photo Credit: Porter

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