Dom & Ruby London – Firework Night Fashion For Moms!

It’s not just the little ones who need to wrap up warm for firework night! I love these winter shearling coats which are the hight of fashion in London right now. Perfect for making sure that you stay snug during the cold winter firework displays with the kids! I especially love the middle coat, that collar just looks perfect for the really cold days where you know you have to go out but would much rather stay inside by the fire.

The story of how Dom & Ruby came about is a good one, so here it is below for those who don’t already know!

The minds behind the eponymous label, Dom & Ruby, met 10 years ago, and fittingly it was fashion that brought them together. Whilst flicking through Vogue, Ruby spotted a pair of butter soft suede trousers she had to have. The search for these ultimate suede trousers led her to Dom, a designer who had created a niche for himself creating gorgeous garments out of suede and leather. She found her trousers, and a lot more besides. There was an immediate personal connection between Dom and Ruby, which led to their marriage within the year, but this isn’t your ordinary story of partners in business. Their dedication to their work is unfailing yet their lives remain ultimately balanced.

Ruby trained in psychology but worked as a TV presenter and a change management consultant in London. Throughout her early career Ruby had always nurtured a love of fashion, a love that started as a girl working in her mother’s boutique. Her innate styling skills were brought out in this environment with customers often seeking out her advice. She quickly developed the ethos that has gone on to make Dom & Ruby such a success; you look good, you feel good, you do good.

Dom was born creative and after completing his degree in Art and Design he moved into fashion, creating garments of suede and leather and becoming incredibly sought after leading him to work on projects such as costume for Pierce Brosnan in James Bond. Both Dom and Ruby’s love of creativity and fashion coupled with their great connection led to the creation of their own luxury garment business Dom & Ruby. The business was born and nurtured in their own boutique in Hampshire where they started selling tactile garments of leather, suede and shearling.

Ruby’s background in psychology, design and as an image consultant together with Dom’s technical abilities and vision, make them a partnership to be unrivalled. Inspired by the glamour of eras past and icons such as Coco Chanel and her classic tailoring and overriding glamour, Dom & Ruby developed their brand identity and ultimately the ethos that has put them where they are today. Selling nationwide, with a legion of loyal fans including a few celebrities of course, and filling a niche in the market for accessible glamour and luxury!

Browse the collection at: www.domandruby.com

Becky Bowden

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