Organic Teething Bonbon: A Great Teething Solution For Babies

I must be a bit behind the times with teething products because I’ve only just stumbled across this little gem! The organic teething bonbon from Dress Me Up is a fantastic, organic solution for sore and grouchy teething babies.

I love the fact that each of these teethers are made by hand, one at a time and have a real rustic charm to them.

Certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb’s wool make Organic Teething Bonbons® the gentle and safe solution for baby’s teething pain.

They look simple to use, and great for when you need a real quick solution!

1. Dip the ends in water.
2. Leave the centre stuffing dry.
3. Toss in the freezer ‘till needed.

The cool, firm teether knots naturally soothe tender gums, while the lamb’s wool stuffing keeps little hands warm. Great as baby’s first toothbrush too. Easy care – machine wash & dry.

Priced at $15.95 – Get it here!

Becky Bowden

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