Is Etihad Airways Good For Families? Read Our Review On The World’s Best Airline!


Etihad Airways makes me say Etih-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhd. A recent experience with this airline proved to be amazing and unlike any other flight I’ve taken. Only flying over the Atlantic Ocean once before to Spain, I have little overseas experience to compare it to, but nonetheless, it was still a great flight. There are many airline who will fly from the U.S. to Abu Dhabi, UAE…Etihad was the one we were booked on and looked forward to experiencing.

We flew Etihad’s “coach” class. Granted, the seats are not leather, nor wider than a standard flight, but they do have a few fun features! Each seat reclines more than the average domestic flight seat, there’s a footrest, and the head cushion bends to fold around your head and support it. I found that to be a great feature for keeping my head in place once I dozed off, and not finding myself waking up on some stranger’s shoulder!

Also within each seat is your own home theater system! Really…you have a computer screen which allows you to play games, to watch movies, to watch tv shows, to follow the flight navigation…and best of all, there’s a whole separate section just for kids! Kids movies, games, and tv shows are waiting for them to waste away the 12+ hours of the flight!

So after you settle into your movie or game of choice, it’s time to EAT! Right off the bat, the crew on Etihad serves you, and serves you, and serves you more! We had three main courses during the flight (I chose the vegetarian which was very tasty including fruit, cheeses, crackers and bread…and my kids had the kids’ meals which included pancakes for breakfast and nuggets for dinner), mixed in with the snack services of Klondike bars, caramel popcorn, a delicious warm bread and custard dessert, and drinks galore! I actually had to turn down some of the food, as it just kept coming! Don’t worry about begging for an extra bag of peanuts here!

The staff was very lovely, paying attention to all the needs of the passengers. Imagine this long flight with very young children, infants to teenagers. The crew made sure everyone was happy, or at least tried to help in any way to make the flight enjoyable. My kids were amazing thanks to all the entertainment and food…and SLEEP! We didn’t have any meltdowns from the children during the entire flight…yet a four-hour flight to Mexico…and they completely break down! I was prepared for the worst, and enjoyed the best. I highly recommend Etihad, and if you can afford to bump yourself up to a higher class, it only becomes more worth it!

Photo Credit: Etihad