Get A Head Start On Your 2011 Planning With Glow Baby!

As a parent, schedules can get pretty crazy, especially when you have four kids at home! Glow Baby has created several systems to help busy parents simplify their lives with fun and innovative organizational tools.

The Organized Family Calendar for 2011 is one of the most recent scheduling products from Glow Baby. Its intelligent design will help plan and manage schedules and chores for up to six people for the entire year without cluttering up your wall.

I found this calendar to be a perfect fit for our family!  With four school age children who all have extra curricular activities, I am continually tracking and planning schedules for all six of us. With the Organized Family Calendar, we can all see at a glance when everyone’s appointments or activities are and at the end of the week, I can see who has yet to complete their chores!

The 12 month calendar is visually appealing with its unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasant turquoise and white color scheme. It has 52 weekly schedule/chore chart pages that can be filled out and checked off. The weekly pages also tear out as each week passes which make for an efficient and compact design, eliminating the need for a separate chart!

Price: $26

*Glow Baby provided us with a sample for review.*