Keep Your Baby Girl Warm And Cozy This Winter

Tiny babies are not yet able to regulate their own body warmth, which means bundling them up against the cold is so very important. This winter, choose cute and cozy baby clothes that will keep your baby girl protected from the cold and still looking as sweet as can be.

Warm Booties
Baby feet are notorious for feeling cold, even in warm weather. Keep your little girl’s toes warm with a sweet pair of soft-soled baby booties. Look for soft and flexible baby shoes, that will protect against the cold without putting too much pressure on growing feet. Remember, your baby is not walking yet so hard soles and stiff shoes are unnecessary. Also, look for booties is fabrics that will wick away sweat rather than trap it, such as fleece and felt.

Footed Pajamas
Just as you want to keep your baby bundled during the day, it is important to keep baby warm all night. For young infants, blankets can be a smothering hazard in the crib. It is much safer to choose a warm footed pajama that will do the job of a blanket. Make sure the pajama does not have strings or cords on it that could be a safety hazard during the night.

Long Sleeves and Pants

It seems obvious, but many parents still try to take their baby out in warm-weather clothes and a coat during the winter. Small infants really need baby clothes that are made for winter. Because of babies’ inability to regulate their body heat, parents need to dress them for colder days before reaching for the jacket.

Warm Jacket

Your baby’s jacket needs to not only protect her from the cold, but also look adorable when you are out. Stick with simple baby jackets that are easy to put on and take off, and avoid zippers that can become pinching hazards on a squirming baby.

Warm Hat

Just as your baby’s feet need to be protected, so does her head. Young babies who do not have much hair can lose a lot of their body heat from the top of their heads. A warm and soft baby hat can be a great barrier to that escaping heat. Look for baby hats that are soft and comfortable, and that will not bind their heads too tightly.

Your baby girls can look just as adorable when the cold winter starts to come in. Choosing warm yet sweet baby clothes will keep her protected from the cold without cramping her style.

By Summer Minor of My Baby Clothes Boutique.