Hand Warmers Sneak Peek From Millets’ Winter Range!

After my recent obsession with the adorable Owl Hand Warmers I found last week I couldn’t resist posting this sneak peek of the latest upcoming products from Millets (due out in stores at the end of October) which feature some great children’s products, including of course these lovely little hand warmers designs.

There are the delightful little penguin hand warmers, yet more adorable owls and round retro flower style hand warmers above, as well as the more unusual campervan style shown below.

I’m going to be stocking up on these for winter and Christmas stocking gift ideas as I’m absolutely smitten. I love the fact that the penguin and owl designs have handy clips on them as I know my daughter would be forever losing them and there’s less chance of this happening if they can fasten to a coat or jumper.

Look out for them in stores later this month!

Becky Bowden

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