Skull & Crossbones Hot Water Bottle For Boys

Whilst looking at Hand Warmers yesterday on the Dot Com Gift Shop website I stumbled across a great skull and crossbones hot water bottle that would be perfect for boys!

This pirate themed hot water bottle would be sure to make any little boys day, not only does it bear the pirate symbol but it will also be incredibly practical for winter nights to keep your child warm and snug.

Black and silver skull knitted hot water bottle cover pullover design Size: 2000ml Material: British standard rubber. Watertight screw top (when used properly).

The only thing that lets it down slightly in my book is that it does say on the website that the silver thread used to create the Skull and Crossbones is not soft to the touch and may be a bit scratchy for younger children’s skin. Still, I think it has to be a way trendier hot water bottle than most designs out there in the eyes of pretty much all boys.

Priced at £8.95 it is a reasonable and practical gift for young and teenage boys.

Becky Bowden

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