Keep Your Little One Warm & Green This Fall

Warm and cozy winter weather wear gets an eco-friendly touch with organic cotton baby clothes – such as tops, pants, and shoes. Parents can bundle up their little ones against the cold with a few classic pieces reworked in a green style.

Many parents are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. From recycled toys to eco-friendly school supplies, there are thousands of ways to make the earth a little greener when you shop. One of the easiest ways is to stock up on safe and natural organic cotton clothing for your little ones to wear. During the colder months, when your children will have more clothing against their skin for a longer time, organic clothing is an important choice for parents to make.

Organic baby leggings can be great for keeping your little one’s feet and legs warm against the cold. They can be worn under dresses, skirts, or as an additional layer under pants for added warmth. Choosing organic cotton for your child’s leggings means fewer chemicals against her legs. During a time when many young children will be wearing leggings every day, it is important to look for materials that will be safe and natural for them to wear.

An organic cotton long sleeved shirt is great worn on it’s own or layered underneath another shirt. The skin on your child’s stomach and chest can be especially sensitive to chemicals and dyes. When these are against your child’s skin for several hours, like during cold weather months, it can cause rashes and hives. Choosing organic cotton is a simple way to keep your little one safe and warm.

Warm pajamas are another must have during the colder months, yet having your baby wrapped in typical cotton baby clothes can mean hours each night with unfriendly clothing. A soft and safe organic cotton pajama set will keep your baby ready for sweet dreams and free from the toxic chemicals used in typical cotton production.

Finish off your toddler’s green winter wear with an organic winter hat and warm baby shoes. These will keep the cold wind off of your baby, and keep him in an eco-friendly groove.

Summer Minor is an advocate for green parenting.  Her helpful advice to natural parenting is brought to you by our partner, My Baby Clothes Boutique.