Wheelybugs: Cute Ride-On Bug Toys For Children!

It can often be difficult finding children’s toys that are entertaining and look great In the home, but we just love these super cute Wheelybugs, the ride along toys for kids that not only look great but provide hours of entertainment at the same time.

Wheelybugs come in a wide variety of different animal themed designs (my personal favourite being the adorable stripy tiger!) and are available in large or small sizes. They go backwards, forwards, sideways and round and round and provide great entertainment for young, energetic children.

They are unisex so both boys and girls will love them and they look to be great quality, long lasting items that are colourful and well designed. The Wheelybug bodies have a padded layer of sponge covered with hard wearing polyurethane and are easily wiped clean which makes them perfect for regular, everyday use.

They currently come in the following designs:


Some of the designs are available in both small and large sizes and it is handy to know that you can also buy replacement castors from the online shop. Practical, fun and wonderfully cute little children’s toys! Perfect for Christmas gifting this year!

Prices range from £ 55.00 – £ 65.00