Boba: The Award Winning, Soft Structured Baby Carrier

I must say, I am a bit of a baby carrier enthusiast, I find them extremely convenient and a joy to use! So when I had the opportunity to review the soft structured Boba carrier, I jumped at the chance.

The Boba is an award winning carrier, made of beautiful soft combed 100% cotton. It also comes in Organic options for those of us interested in sustainable resources, at an affordable price. The carrier comes in a variety of attractive classic colours as well as a cute new design called “tweet” with a bird/leaf pattern. My carrier is a beautiful chocolate colour (glacier), which did tend to attract more lint than my lighter coloured carriers, but gorgeous none the less.

I have a 22lb, 13 mos old who prefers the back carry position in a soft structured carrier, but will tolerate the front carry on special occasions (when very tired and needing a Mommy snuggle). She is adventurous and wants to see what’s going on around her. This carrier can be used on the front with baby facing in or on the back. User friendly instructions are included with real photos demonstrating the different steps to use the carrier safely.

First thing I noticed about this carrier, aside from how soft the cotton is, was how easily adjustable the straps were. I am on the petite side, and with other structured carriers sometimes find it awkward to tighten the straps to the tightest setting. These straps are located conveniently at the front, and just a quick pull down will bring baby snug to the body. All straps adjust in both directions. The buckles are all heavy duty army grade and very easy to use.

The sleep hood is great to use while your little one is sleeping and/or for protection from rain/sun. It is detachable, which allows for less bulk, but snaps into place in a flash if desired. Two unique features of this carrier that make it stand out are the high back and the detachable foot straps. The foot straps are adjustable in length, slide along the waist belt to fit a growing toddler, and provide proper support by bringing the knees to the hip level (easy to use, but removable when not needed).

I did find it difficult to keep my daughter’s legs at a 90 degree angle, as she would push back in the carrier causing the straps to slide away from her, putting her legs at a wider angle. Perhaps if she was a bit taller, the straps would have been put to better use. The higher back pulled my little one closer to me which added noticeably more support for my toddler, and prevented the “leaning away from you” feeling.

The shoulder straps and waist belt are made of high-density foam. This feature, along with the contour of the straps, provided exceptional comfort, even when I was wearing my toddler for an extended amount of time.

My husband will only use a structured carrier, so he agreed to try the Boba out. He liked it just as much as I did! It fit him well and he had no problem getting it adjusted to his frame. The waist belt adjusts from 28 inches to 56 inches. I am petite, and he is a big guy, and it’s nice that one carrier can be used comfortably for both of us.

One convenient feature missing from this carrier that some of my other carriers possess is an attached pocket or pouch to place small items. I did miss a place to put my keys while I was out walking. This carrier is for babes weighing between 15lb and 45lbs, and is not designed to be a newborn carrier.

All in all, I must say I love this carrier. It is extremely convenient, and really easy to use – straight out of the box. The material is exceptionally soft, and the straps are so easy to use that the Boba has become my ‘go-to’ carrier when we are out and about. It is fairly priced (retailing from $100) and actually is less expensive in comparison to other soft structured carriers on the market.Without a doubt I would recommend this carrier to other mom’s/caregivers who are looking for quality and comfort at an affordable price.

Price: The classic collection retails for $100.00, while the organic version retails for $118.00.

*Company sent sample to facilitate this review.*