It’s Sweater Season! Are You Ready?

Is there any sweeter time of the year than when we can pull out cute and cozy sweaters to wear over clothes? Sweater season means the leaves are changing, there is a cool breeze in the air, and it is time to add layers for a new and unique look every day.

Sweaters are a wonderful addition to anyone fall and winter wardrobe. From soft and simple, to wild and exciting, there are thousands of great sweaters available to choose from. It can almost be too hard to choose just one sweater for each day.

A great sweater can be the perfect crossover piece for those chilly fall days. When it is too chilly to take your baby out in a t-shirt, but not yet cold enough for a coat, a cute baby sweater can add a layer of warmth and style to your baby clothes. Mix it up with colors and prints that contrast each other, or go for a simpler look that matches well. Many outfits even come with coordinating sweaters to give your baby  the complete look.

Once the temperature really starts to drop, adding a sweater can keep your little one warm and toasty without losing style. For many toddlers, wearing a coat can be a huge battle. However, a fun sweater that they picked out themselves can become a favorite piece of clothing. You may have more trouble getting her to take it off than you do getting her to put it on.  Save the battle for the baby hat, which is going to be tough to keep on as well.

Add a delicate sweater over a sweet dress, or a thicker one over jeans and a shirt. Bundle up with a pullover, a button up, or a hooded sweater to keep your little one  warm and fashionable. No matter how your baby wears it, sweater season just looks good.

By Summer Minor, children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.