Burberry Children’s Fall Winter 2010 Fashion Preview

The most well-known name in the world of children’s fashions, Burberry, has a knack of getting every season just right. Their smart Autumn/Winter 2010 Childrenswear Collection is followed with a magical, fun and lighthearted campaign video, and visual still imagery that captures the innocence and magic of childhood.

The collection is quite similar to their Spring/Summer 2010 line, although the purples and pinks that were used for Spring have deepened turning to magentas and royal purples and the spring green has turned a delicate mossy shade. Sunshine peeks through with a few bright yellow pieces, tying everything together.

Coats, jackets, trenches, vests and outerwear can be found in abundance. I am loving every, single one of these pieces! Just take a look at that mini trench with it’s pleated bottom – chicness! Lambskin, shearling, nylon, warm wool, it’s all here. Burberry makes THE perfect coat period.

Of course as can be expected from Burberry, their classic Nova Check takes on many different variations. One of the most genius accessories for children this season, has to be the belt pictured above. The Nova Check is still used on the silver buckle, but in a very discreet manner, making it almost unrecognizable. Burberry makes the backpack classy with the navy blue piece above and just take a look at the heart purse!

The galoshes are toned down a notch compared to the brighter numbers earlier this season, and come in a softer more subdued tone. Infants and babies are taken care of as well with soft, cuddly hats, booties, jeans and cute one-piece outfits.

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Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Childrenswear Collection is now available to purchase directly through Burberry’s online shop, their retail outlets and through our favourite web store, Childrensalon.