Back To School Fashion For High School Students

Guest Post by: MeganTwee

It’s that time of year! The school bells are ringing, the pencils are being sharpened, and the teachers are scraping the chalkboards with knowledge. Most importantly, stores are hosting back-to-school sales! There is a cornucopia of new and fun trends this fall, and here is a sneak peak of just a few, all from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe!

Military Jackets

It’s undeniable! Military has taken fashion as a prisoner of war. The military jacket is the biggest part of the trend.

Cropped Shirts

This look is reminiscent of the awesome 80’s. They basically give the appearance that you bought a large t-shirt, and cut it across the bottom-which you can in fact do! Cropped shirts go great with high-wasted shorts. But wait, isn’t it Fall? Indeed, it is. However, this fall, wearing tights or leggings under shorts is going to be big.

Funky Leggings

Have your leggings make a bold statement this year! Find a pair that is animal print, floral, leather, metallic, or even ripped up!


You don’t have to be a biker babe to rock the leather this season! Leather jackets and dresses are hot for everyone.

DIY Fashion

DIY-Do it yourself!

· Add a personal touch to your old T’s. Cut-up t-shirts are sweeping through the nation. You can find videos on YouTube to perfect the art yourself. All you have to buy are some large shirts and a pair of scissors, while the rest is up to you.

· Add studs to old jeans or purses to make them brand new.

Most importantly, the best style you get ever achieve is through confidence. Own your individuality. Don’t compare yourself to anyone! Don’t always just follow the trends- be sure to always stay true to who you are. It’s not a cliché- there’s a void in the earth that only you can fill, and by hiding who you are, that space will be left empty. Have a great school year, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

MeganTwee is a wide-eyed teen ready to see the world. With a passion for fashion and music, MeganTwee is the creator of  MeganTwee’s Trends and Tunes (Music Mondays & Fashion Fridays–a few of her top pics),  Chic Shopper Chick & Young Chicagonista.