Review: Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller

The Micralite Fastfold Superlite Stroller was first introduced at the All Baby & Children’s Product Expo in Las Vegas last September. We received one just last month to test out and I have to say it’s been very fun all-round! I was surprised and impressed by many aspects of the stroller and honestly it wasn’t at all what I expected – the Fast Fold Superlite is not your typical lightweight!

Assembly was very straight-forward and easy. We adjusted the air pressure in the tires beforehand (a pump is provided in case you don’t have an air compressor), popped on the wheels, the hood and we were good to go. Simple.

The first feature that struck me immediately were the wheels. You just don’t find large air-filled rear tires on a light-weight stroller – it’s unheard of! Because of this brilliant addition to the lightweight, Micralite has made an umbrella stroller that works on various terrains and makes pushing your baby a breeze. Think Maclaren’s Volo with larger tires and a more rugged, sturdy frame.

The 6″ swiveling front wheels are slightly larger then seen on most umbrella strollers and provide precise maneuverability in tight spots, while the 12″ rear pneumatic tires absorb bumps and jarring, keeping your babe comfortable while strolling along.

As you can see, the design itself is definitely unique! The clever sliding seat unit allows for a full recline for comfort or a full upright position for those tots who like to enjoy the view. This summer, the breathable mesh hammock style seat kept my daughter dry, cool and comfortable during hot beach days. The 5 point safety harness kept her snug and secure and was not prone to tangling.

My husband loved the adjustable handlebars! The design is more “square” than a standard stroller, but oddly this seems to help with maneuverability and my 4 year-old daughter was able to push this on rough terrain very easily without any trouble. To adjust, you simply unlock the quick-release levers before raising the “bull horn” style bars from 37″ to 45″.

The bar you see between the wheels is the locking mechanism. You push down to “lock” and lift it up to release the hold. Fold up is simple and can be done with just one hand (a lifesaver when your watching a runner and hanging on to your wiggly babe).

Weighing in at 14 lbs (6.4 kg), this stroller is ideal for taking on vacations. If you are traveling to Disney World, the zoo or any other spot that requires quite a bit of walking, the Micralite Fastfold Superlite is an excellent, tough-as-nails lightweight that can’t be beat. It is built to last!

Retail Price: $349.99. Amazon.com has the Black version on sale for $271.96 and the other colors are priced at $319.95 (free shipping). Please visit Scandinavian Child for an additional list of retailers.