Let Toddlers Show You Their Style

Just last month, Suri Cruise was spotted out enjoying a rain shower like it was still early spring. Her pink, polka-dot rainboots are the perfect example of letting even a super stylish child enjoy some freedom in what she will wear.

Toddlers can be extremely uncoordinated when it comes to fashion. Colors and patterns are often mix-matched, and clothes can be worn out of season or reason. Sometimes it can feel a bit embarrassing to be seen with a walking fashion disaster, no matter how cute she may be. Yet, it is that funky, one of a kind that makes toddlers so amazing.

There are no hard and fast rules about toddler fashion, while adults on the other hand, have to dress a certain way for work. If she wants to wear her rainboots with her tutu on a late afternoon walk, there is no reason not to. Go ahead and let her wear the blue and purple shirt with the lime green skirt, or pair striped leggings underneath a plaid dress. For toddlers and babies, fashion is all about personal style.

Lots of baby clothes and toddler clothes are designed and sold in matching sets. You can certainly find dresses with matching baby headbands, leggings, and even shoes. While these outfits are cute, and can be appropriate in some places, they should not dictate what your toddler wears together. Mixing it up is not only fun, it also lets your toddler experiment and develop her own personal style. With the freedom to create her own look, your toddler can build on who she feels like that day. What a wonderful lesson in self-esteem!

Even the most put together celebrity kids have days when they want to wear whatever feels right, no matter how it looks. Let your toddler show her own style and put together a look that is truly one of a kind, no matter how outrageous it may seem. At the end of the day, what really matters is how happy she felt in her skin.

By Summer Minor, children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.