Give Your Toddler A Wild Winter With Animal Print Coats

Animal prints in baby clothes are always fun, and during the winter they can really come alive. Fake fur coats and jackets bring out the wild animal in your little one, and keeps her warm and toasty no matter how chilly it gets. This winter, go wild with an animal inspired baby coat that you and your little one will love.

Giraffe print is a very popular animal print this year, with many celebrity toddlers being seen out and about in the unique look. A giraffe print fur coat is both warm and fun for toddlers to wear as the weather drops. Your toddler may stretch a little taller when she goes out in a fun giraffe coat.

Polar weather requires something extra warm, like a polar bear toddler coat. A soft, furry white coat is elegant and classic for toddlers to wear when they have to get out in the cold. Make it fun too, though, with cute bear ears on top of the hood. This so simple jacket is warm and cuddly, just like a toddler should be.

Leopard print baby coats are the most worn animal print, and for good reason. The simple spots are simple yet wild all at the same time. Almost any toddler would love a wild leopard inspired coat to wear this winter when the temperature drops.

What if your toddler is not into wild animals? A cute and sweet rabbit coat is just the thing to stay warm and show off her animal side. Your toddler can cuddle up and smile with a pair of big, floppy ears on top of her head. Who could resist a cuddly bunny when it begins to get cold outside?

Animal inspired coats are becoming wildly popular this winter, both because of their cuteness and their warmth. Don’t forget to add the equally warm and adorable baby hats, the puppy dog hats are a huge hit this year.

Sound fashion advice from Summer Minor of My Baby Clothes Boutique.