BBC Launches Dr. Who Toys For Christmas Gifting

Dr .Who is a must watch cult kids TV show and this year it is set to be topping the Christmas gifting charts with several newly released toys and action figures for fans. With just the right mix of scare factor and suspense it has the older children hooked and everyone is going to want to see these gifts in their stockings this Christmas! The latest releases from the BBC are below!

Who remembers Tom Baker sporting his famous long scarves as he stepped out of the TARDIS? Or Jon Pertwee in his elegant incarnation as the famous Doctor Who? If you know a Doctor Who fan, then this could be just the gift for them. The Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Set (RRP £49.99) includes each and every one of the Doctors as a fully articulated 5 inch collectable figure.  The TARDIS has never felt as crowded as the Timelords gather together in this unique set.

Also, for all the Doctor Who fans out there, the new Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control TARDIS (RRP £14.99) is the holy grail of Christmas presents. They can now control their very own TARDIS with this nine inch electronic toy which is in scale with the Doctor Who action figure range. It includes eight motion activated interactive sound effects, a flashing TARDIS Lantern, opening front doors and a telephone door. Fly the TARDIS through the air and hear the enigmatic sound that we all associate with the Doctor’s much loved time machine as it approaches.

Never mind my daughter; the massive Dr .Who fan, I’m thinking of adding these to my own Christmas gift list. I’m just not entirely sure I could get away with it at my age!