The ‘Handmade’ Look Is Back In Fashion

Look Homemade Without Being Homemade

This fall, the homemade look is certainly back in fashion. Thinking small, and shopping close to home has become an important mission for many families that want to save the earth and save a few bucks. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready to knit and sew a new wardrobe for the season. Here is how you can still grab the homemade look for your kids, without learning how to do it yourself.

Knitting is a big trend this fall, and will probably be so long into the winter. A warm knit baby hat or scarf for your little one will not only keep him feeling toasty, but will also keep him fitting in with the rest of the kids at the park. Grab something with that soft and sweet homemade feel to it for a truly inspired touch. Think whimsical, like dog ear hats or gloves with paws, to really grab the homemade feel.  Knit baby headbands are becoming increasingly popular as well.  Big knit flowers are showing up on dresses and even hair clips.

It seems everyone is learning to sew these days, but not everyone has the time or desire to buy a sewing machine and give it a try. That does not mean that you cannot find a few cute creations with a homemade flair. Shirts and pants with sewn on patches, borders, and ruffles make a great pseudo-homemade look without actually going to all the trouble of trying to sew.

Homemade fashion is becoming an increasing trend, and many big companies are picking up on it by offering shabby chic baby clothes that seem like they were made by hand. Unusual patterns, frayed edges, and fun styles all give these items a wonderfully homemade look. Remember, no one needs to know you didn’t make them yourself.

By Summer Minor, mom and child fashionista for My Baby Clothes Boutique.