Babies & Bundles: The Perfect Shower Gift Filled With Must-Have Baby Products

What a genius idea! Babies & Bundles is a newly launched e-store featuring gift-ready, handpicked bundles of must-have baby products. In other words – every gift givers dream! There are different themes such as organic, bathtime, food, toys and new baby – all of which are gender neutral.

Courtney Johnson is the mastermind behind this company.

“I was frustrated and overwhelmed searching for the right products for my daughter, Charlie,“ said Courtney Johnson, a Los Angeles mom who created Babies & Bundles. “I was working full-time during the day, and then spending several hours each night doing research. It was so overwhelming.”

Ah, yes we know oh to well how overwhelming it is! Courtney has handpicked items that are kid-tested  and mom-approved such as Munchkin bath toys, Baby Silk skincare products, BornFree sippy cups, Oballs and more. Babies & Bundles puts together useful, high-quality items, thus taking the guesswork and frustration out of baby gift shopping. They are also more than willing to create bundles based on your budget an theme.

Prices range from $129.95 to $229.95 on www.babiesandbundles.com.