Smocked Clothing: A Timeless Fashion With Simple Elegance

Smocked clothing has been around for hundreds of years. This age-old technique of gathering and embroidering fabric was once the style of choice for farmers and laborers. Now, as the technique has earned some respect as an art, smocked clothing is an elegant and beautiful style that people from all walks of life enjoy.

Before elastic came to be, clothing had to fit comfortably and be easy to slip on and off. For farmers and laborers, buttons were often in the way and could be ripped off far to easily. A new style of sewing and crafting clothing needed to be created. During the Middle Ages, that is exactly what happened. Smocking was created as a simple way to keep clothing fitted and comfortable around the cuffs and collars.

Smocking involves gathering fabric and sewing it in place. While today the gathered look can be created easily using elastic, true smocking uses only thread and a skilled hand to create the style. There are various ways to create a smocking look, from rows of tight columns to looser gathers. The stitches can be simple straight stitches or intricate, decorate stitches going across the gather. Hand smockers can create beautiful patterns and designs with their stitches.

Smocked clothing today is no longer only left to the lower class. This beautiful style of embroidery has become an art-form that few are masters of these days. Smocking adds a simple, yet elegant gathered look to dresses and shirts that is rarely matched today. Whether it is a small row of smocking around the collar, or an entire front panel of smocking, there is something classic about this look. And for good reason!

Smocked baby clothing is extremely popular.  You will find it on Christening gowns especially, because of it rich history in elegance.  Christmas baby dresses have been featuring this look as well.  Even simple baby rompers have been adorned with this fancy stitching to give them a comfortable yet dressy appearance.

Hand smocked clothing is a look that never really goes out of style in women’s fashion and even baby clothes. After going in and out of fashion for hundreds of years, it has proven to be a timeless fashion statement. If you want clothing that has a simple elegance, as well as a long history, smocked clothing is the perfect choice.

By Summer Minor, mom and child fashionista for My Baby Clothes Boutique.