Redfish Kids Clothing Debuts Their Fall 2010 Fashion Collection

The popular Vancouver, BC-based designer, Redfish Kids Clothing Inc., creates vibrant, easy to wear kids clothes, in unique and playful combinations that are filled with Asian influences.

Crisp architectural lines give Redfish Kids Clothing its signature style yet the focus on comfortable, at ease pieces is constant throughout the line. Since they launched in 2005, Redfish has been dedicated to creating clothing with “heart”. Their clothing is locally manufactured, 100% sweatshop free and strongly committed to quality materials, local craftsmanship and zero in house waste.

Thanks to the versatility and simple lines of the collection, Redfish Kids Clothing is easily layered and can be worn together. The pieces are big with celebrity moms such as Jennifer Beals, Diana Krall, Sarah McLachlan and more.

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Black and White Signature Swing Dress (pictured) Recently Debuted in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’…Co-Starring Julia Roberts.

For creating back to school style, co-founders Lorraine Kitsos and Kristy Brinkley suggest easy layering basics as the cornerstone for a good wardrobe.

“With a solid foundation to build on- it’s easy to pull in statement pieces – THIS is where the interpretation of ‘fashion’ gets fun and where we often see real style emerge in our young clients. We love to watch them grow into their own look and get more confident over time – more than anything –it is that kind of style that really makes our clothes shine!”

We are in love with these beautiful and unique pieces! Because of their international flair, they are sure to last for more than one season and can be passed on for years to come. Cultural and international influences never go out of style!

For a list of retailers or for more information on the line, visit www.redfishkidsclothing.com.