How To Host A Fun Western Themed Birthday Party For Kids

Is your little cowpoke about to have a birthday? Host a fun western themed hoe down birthday party!

Nothing is cuter than a little cow poke, and when starting a cowboy party off right, no cowboy or cowgirl is complete without their hat and cowboy boots! Recently, while throwing my little girl’s first birthday party, we opted for a western theme.

I found her hat at a local party store for only five dollars, and because a cute cowboy baby hat is a must, I was lucky enough to find white and brown ones for all the little cowboys and cowgirls.  Each child also received a cute little fringe vest I made from felt and a bandanna (for flash and as a practical bib).

As for the boots, we had the most perfect pair of pink cowgirl boots on eBay (so many stores are making the miniature versions now).  You can go with a name brand like Laredo and spend over $40, or you can go with mud pie’s cowboy baby boots which are very affordable.  If you child is no longer able to wear baby shoes, try the local Target.

The set up was simple.  By using the great outdoors, not many decorations were necessary.

  • Saddles, hay bales, bandannas, and farm animal cut outs complete the scene.
  • Find some old fashioned western music to plan a square dance.
  • Musical chairs is always a party favorite!
  • Sticking with your theme use small bales of straw or stick horses rather than chairs. Call your local horse enthusiast –  I am sure they will love to lend some saddles for soiree.
  • Saddle seats might even spark a musical chair of their own.  These are especially fun if the weather is nice enough for the party to be held outside. Plus, being outside makes it easier to shake any loose straw from the baby clothes.

We kept the games simple and short as toddlers and very young children have short attention spans and can become easily frustrated if they cannot figure out a game quickly.  We set up two tables for simple crafts. The first one was a make your own sheriff badge.  You can find pre-cut shapes of paper or foam to simplify things, a little elmer’s glue and some help from adults – your little law enforcers are born.  For a little bit of extra fun, we added a game of arrest your parents.  The little sheriffs would take their parents to a “jail” we had set up and made out of hay bales.  The adult had to stay until the little one decided they had served their time.  The second craft was to plant a seed in a little cup to take home with them.  We used bandanna print party cups and simple wild flower seeds.

For food, we served hot dogs and hamburgers with your usual sides.  One of the most important menu items is baked beans – all cowboys eat beans on their cattle drives. For my little girl’s cake I used a flowered sheet cake from Sam’s club in which I added My Little Pony figures.  It was adorable!  Another idea I have seen is cupcakes with black and white cow spots on them.

With these suggestions and a few of your own ideas,  your little rodeo queens and cowboys are sure to have the rootin tootinest hoe down in town!

By Shannon Henrici of My Baby Clothes Boutique.