Get Classic Style With Black and White Baby Clothes

The classics never go out of style, and that includes fashion. While the hottest colors of the season may shift and change, the bold yet simple look of black and white are practically timeless. If you want baby clothes that will not fade out of style before your baby outgrows them, look to black and white patterns and prints that make statements.

One of the simplest ways to get this look is with the classic black and white dress. There is no need to search for overstated styles or an abundance of accessories. Just a simple print in these two opposing colors can give any dress a classic appeal. Whether is is white on black, or black on white, having a dress like this on hand will give you a simple go-to formal outfit that never looks dated on your baby.

You can also pair the two colors in separates for a bold yet simple look. Give your baby a black shirt and a pair of white pants for a two-tone outfit that looks like too much fun. Or layer a pair of black baby leggings under a white skirt for a cute play outfit that is great for any time. Try a black vest over a white shirt, or a white sweater with a black romper. No matter how you pair them, these two colors always work well together.

Of course, you do not have to stick to just clothes to add a black and white touch. Baby accessories can be mixed and matched to go with any outfit in any color. Grab a great zebra print baby hat or hair bow in the basic black and white to add a little more style and elegance to anything your little one wears.

The best part of the black and white pairing, is that you can change them up so easily by adding a splash of color here and there. Layer a colored shirt underneath, or add a bright cardigan. Mix things up by adding in just a bit of color here and there to give your baby’s black and white outfit a personal appeal.

There is something wonderfully timeless about black and white. No matter what the season, or what the occasion, grab these two simple colors and toss them together for an eye catching look for your baby.

By Summer Minor – Children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.