Adorable FairyBug Costumes From Frilly Lily!

It seems like we’re being attracted to all things nature related this week, after recent posts about Fairy Houses it must have gotten us in the magical spirit! We’ve spotted these adorable Fairy Bug costumes from Frilly Lily and think they would make perfect outfits for either playing dress up or possibly Halloween costumes for the younger kids who want something a little less scary and a little more fluffy and cute!

They come in a variety of sizes and the designs range from the strikingly beautiful bright red ladybug outfit to an aqua blue dragonfly and a colourful dazzling butterfly. My personal favourite has to be a stripey yellow and black buzzy bee costume though. Adorable!

Some of the costumes have matching antenna that you can purchase to wear with them including the dragonfly and the ladybug and there’s also a super cute butterfly masquerade style mask and much more!

A very cute site that will keep lovers of fairies everywhere entertained for hours of browsing!