Can The iPad Be Used In Kindergarten Classrooms? DANO2 Thinks So!

We recently reviewed the iPad and found it to be an excellent piece of technology for children. Toymaker, DANO2, seems to agree with our findings, as they have recently created an app that teaches children how to write by zooming airplanes around flight plans as comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman provides the sounds and amusing commentary. Many savvy toddlers are already fans of this app, which is said to be piloted by select kindergarteners when they return to school this fall.

Little Sky Writers TM, is the first game created by DANO2. It teaches kids the correct way to write the letters of the alphabet by having them guide a small airplane through a series of flight paths with their finger. As the children learn to write, Roger the control tower (voiced by comedian and NickelodeonTM star, Stephen Kramer Glickman) provides amusing commentary along the way. The game is so intuitive and fun that it reaches children long before a traditional workbook can.

This app was designed with the input of several veteran Kindergarten teachers and educational professionals. One of the key consultants, Diane Owen, a kindergarten teacher in Santa Maria, CA has been training teachers, and teaching kids how to write their ABC’s for the past 30 years, and looks forward to using what she describes as her “dream program for hands-on & kinesthetic learners” to start this school year off.

Owen is piloting the program with one iPad in her classroom this fall, however has already begun the process of grant writing to expand the number of devices in the classroom. She feels it is better for the students, and more affordable than traditional computers “my students are low income; many do not have the same access to technology as their higher-income counterparts. With this grant, not only will they learn how to write their letters properly, but they will also gain a crucial confidence with technology at an early age.”

Little Sky Writers
for the iPad is now available for sale in the iTunes store. A version for the iPhone is coming soon.