Back-to-School Must-Haves For Kids This Fall

Leggings and plaids and embellishments—oh my!  The Fall 2010 styles for kids are so fashion-forward —   no wonder my daughters can’t wait to start their back-to-school shopping!  Their possibilities are so much more exciting than the standard T-shirt and jeans uniform of my youth.  Let’s see what is most fabulous this Fall:


Move over, Plain Jane. This is the season of Fancy Nancy, as everything, from denim to leggings to backpacks feature embellishments.  Rhinestones, embroidery, sequins, beading, and patches all add swank to even the simplest of children’s clothes.

Plaids & Argyles

It’s the year of the Ivy League look, as plaids and argyles rule the racks.  For girls, classic plaids like Burberry and Tartan are featured this Fall in vibrant color combinations such as pinks, lavenders, and even oranges.  For boys, the argyle sweater vest, in deep reds and hunter greens will be the school picture day uniform.


Leggings are a major carry-over from previous seasons, but even they have been classed-up for this school year.  Featuring animal prints, zippers, cut-outs, and faux denim stitching, leggings are both accessory and staple, affordable and upmarket.

Flower Headbands

I think I am in love with the new headbands.  The flowers, bows, and animal prints have changed the everyday headband into a statement in style.  Just about every little girl in school is going to be wearing these this year.  Even hats are featuring beautiful adornments like flowers.

When the school bus resumes its route and the first morning bell rings, the students of the 2010-11 school year will be heading back-to-school in high-style!

By Signe Whitson of My Baby Clothes Boutique.