Why You Need a Swaddler For Your Baby

Your baby just spent nine months curled up in the womb, feeling pretty confined and cramped. While this might seem like torture to you, that snug feeling is exactly what your baby needs and wants. After birth, many new babies become upset and aggravated by the freedom and space they find themselves in. A soft and comfortable swaddler can create a second womb for your baby as he grows into the big world out here.

According to many parents and experts, a swaddled baby feels safer and more secure. The closeness and feeling of the soft swaddling fabric gives your baby a sense that they are still protected and supported completely. This can help your baby to sleep better, be calmer, and be easier to comfort when he does become upset.  Swaddlers have become a necessity in baby clothes, because of this fact.

As your baby becomes a little older, you may find that he has a startle reflex – suddenly jumping as if startled by nothing at all. Swaddling can help control this and give your baby a feeling of comfort even while sleeping, when the startle reflex most often happens. Rather than waking himself up, your baby can stay asleep a little longer and get enough rest.

Often, newborn babies will also scratch at their own faces. There is nothing unusual about this, and newborns have some of the most amazingly sharp fingernails you may ever encounter. However, these scratches do hurt and can lead to infection in some cases. Swaddling your baby can keep his arms and hands still and prevent this scratching from happening.

For most babies, the need to be swaddled fades around three months of age. Though this time seems so short, the first three months are an important time for babies’ growth and development. According to some experts, human babies need these extra three months in a womb-like atmosphere to fully come into being.

During these precious early weeks, a soft and warm swaddler can keep your new baby comforted and secure. Which will make mom and dad feel a little more secure also.  Consider this option when buying a layette for the new baby in your life.

By Summer Minor of My Baby Clothes Boutique.