KidZerts: The First Ever Moldable Arch Support Insoles For Children

Designed by a team of specialists, a podiatrist and a pedorthist, KidZerts are the very first wear-moldable arch support insoles for children. Made from the best, high-quality materials, KidZerts mold to the unique contours of the bottom of each foot and offers an arch support, cushioning and a stabilizing heel cup.

Features include:

  • EVA moldable sublayer that will slowly mold to the child’s foot while he/she wears it
  • Anti-microbial top cover that kills ordor-causing bacteria and wicks moisture
  • Heel cup for stability and alignment
  • Broad heel seat for additional foot comfort
  • Beveled forefoot for a smooth transition
  • Moderate arch for support and alignment

“These insoles have all the features that make up a healthy arch support insole for children,” said Dr. Jeffrey Hurless, podiatrist and foot/ankle surgeon.

The doctor -recommended contoured design of KidZerts, allow contact with the entire arch by spreading the body’s weight over the entire base of the foot. This prevents children from being heel-strikers or overpronators, which can cause foot pain and injuries later in life. They are great for providing support during strenuous activities, such as running jumping. There is a large adhesive strip located on the bottom of the insole, making them easy to place inside shoes.