How To Choose A Christening Outfit For Your Little One

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a christening gown in the family that has been handed down through the generations and has been worn by all the babies getting baptized. If you’ve got an heirloom like this in your possession, then you are fortunate indeed and can keep the family tradition in tact by having your little one wear it as well. Be sure to check the gown for any stains and tears, and only take it to a dry cleaner that specializes in caring for delicate items such as this for cleaning and any repairs. You could perhaps spiff up or update the gown a bit by changing out a ribbon that has seen its better days, adding some lace trim or hemming it shorter.

If you’re in the market for a brand new christening gown, there are certainly many styles to choose from. Boys and girls can sport the traditional gown style for this occasion. Don’t let anyone tell you that a boy shouldn’t be in a “dress”—as it is a long standing custom dating back many hundreds of years that a boy wear a long christening gown. In fact, baptism gowns came about because they were often wedding gowns that were shortened and refitted for a baby. Nonetheless, baptismal outfit manufacturers these days do make truly adorable christening suits with pants for boys as well.

An expensive option, but nothing beats the beauty of a long, raw silk christening gown. Babies simply look stunning in them and they make for spectacular photos. These gowns, when properly cared for are usually destined to become family treasures.

A budget friendly outfit need not be any less beautiful. There are poly-satins that are a dead ringer for silk at a much more reasonable price-point. Cotton or linen is timeless and a particularly good choice for baptisms in the summer since it is lightweight and breathable. Run your hands in the gown to make sure that the outfit does not have any itchy lining or scratchy lace that will make your baby uncomfortable.

Typically, christening gowns are white, but you can also go with a candlelight ivory and still keep with tradition. If you’d like to try something different and with a little color, a blush pink or a hint of blue would certainly be unique. You can keep the outfit completely simple and with little ornamentation, or add gorgeous details such as ribbon, lace, little silk flowers or fancy embroidery that can really impress. Gown lengths can be short or be cathedral length and hit the floor—there are no set rules and it really depends on your personal taste.

As far as accessories go, your daughter can wear a bonnet, a pretty flower headband in her hair. A matching bib embroidered with your son’s name will be a stunning keepsake and serve dual-duty by keeping his christening suit drool free. Some parents opt for a necklace or pin with a small crucifix as an elegant touch to complete the outfit.

When the ceremony is over, be sure to properly preserve and store your cherished gown in a suitable chemical-free bag after it has been expertly dry-cleaned.

Lisa Freeman is an article writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique. They have a beautiful selection of special occasion baby clothes, for weddings, christenings, or just special celebrations.