Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids Put Style Into Bandaging Boo Boos

She started off with diapers, and now Cynthia Rowley has extended her designs to Band-Aids! These Dress Up Band-Aids are created in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, and feature 14 designs packaged in two different tins. Each tin ($10) contains 20 assorted sizes and various designs that are created to make the bandage strip look like sequins, lace, bows, gold chains – even square shaped ones that look like jewels!

$1 from each sale will be donated to Design Ignites Change, a self-guided mentoring program for high school and college students.

These limited edition Band-Aids don’t cost much more than the Dora or Disney Princess varieties and offer a more sophisticated look for yourself or your mini fashionista. Dress Up Band-Aids are available to purchase now through Cynthia Rowley stores, her online shop, the National Design Museum in NYC and the Cooper-Hewitt.

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Rowley