The Tunic & Leggings – A Simple Yet Cute Look For Fall

One of the easiest to wear trends for this fall is the basic tunic and leggings. This basic outfit can be a great wardrobe staple for any child when the weather starts to cool. Because the look is so classic, parents can easily make these two pieces explode with style.

Warm weather often means cute baby girl dresses and sandals. Colder weather brings the heavy sweaters and thick pants.  A long sleeved tunic and leggings, however, is right in the middle and perfect for fall. Parents can mix and match colors and patterns to give their baby a fun and unique look, or stick to matching designs for a classic and simple style.

Toddlers are notorious about wanting to dress themselves, and with simple pull on leggings and tunics they can easily. That is one of the best parts of this fall trend, the absence of complicated buttons and ties that can frustrate a toddler in a hurry to go.

With a few coordinating separates, you can create an entire wardrobe from these two pieces. Think of fall colors, such as deep reds, golds, and browns, that all look great together. A red and purple striped tunic looks cute with chocolate brown or softer green leggings. Do not be afraid to mix up stripes, spots, and other patterns as well.

Baby clothes are also available in the tunic and legging style. These make changes very easy to do, which is perfect as your little one becomes more mobile. Most tunics are also made with larger neck openings than regular tops, making them great for babies that tend to have larger heads.

A cute tunic and legging look is perfect for going to church or going to the playground. The simple, classic look of this outfit ensures that it will be a hit long after the trend goes back down.

By Summer Minor, children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.