Lego™ Rings by PNKY: The Latest Fad For Kids Launches Exclusively At Selfridges

Selfridges, the UK’s leading department store, announces the exclusive launch of the world’s first official line of Lego™ jewellery as part of its ‘Play’ themed Christmas offer.

This iconic toy brand has been developed into a fashion jewellery line by designer Lisa Taylor for PNKY, marking the first official time Lego™ will venture into jewellery.

The sterling silver rings will retail for £50, and will be sold with two interchangeable Lego™ bricks, available in over 15 colour options, which are attached to the base. Selfridges will also offer 23 Lego™ charms to accessorise the rings, which will retail from £15 to £20, featuring festive designs including Christmas trees, gardens and flowers.

Other traditional toy brands to develop exclusive kidult themed products for Selfridges include Play-doh™ perfume and Lego™ nail varnish, which will launch exclusively at www.selfridges.com and in stores nationwide later this year.

In advance of this year’s predicted largest ever tourist season, Selfridges’ Oxford Street Christmas shop opened on August 2nd.  The shop will offer international visitors the opportunity to purchase traditional and contemporary British Christmas product during their UK summer break.

The shop will house baubles with exclusive Selfridges’ Christmas characters, fairy lights, make your own decoration sets and eco friendly pop up cardboard trees.

Sally Scott, Marketing & Communications Director at Selfridges said: “In a year of so much economic uncertainty and political change we think the country is ready to forget their troubles and have a play.  We’ve decided to launch our Christmas theme earlier than ever to bring a playful mood to Britain.  In our research we found that Lego is one of the most tactile objects for people of all ages; you just can’t resist picking it up and starting to have a play.”

Paal Smith-Meyer, head of New business in the LEGO group said: “We are excited to test launch this jewellery line with Selfridges and Lisa Taylor. It is a line that celebrates individual expression in playful way, using the LEGO Bricks that we all grew-up with, in a new way.”

Source & imaging courtesy of LEGO and Selfridges.