Mimic Fashion’s Hottest Shoe Trends For Your Baby

When models strut down the runway, the shoes they are wearing gain as much attention as the clothes. Parents can copy the hot shoe styles straight from the runway to their baby’s feet this fall. Now you and your little one can be in style.

Suede and fringe are looking to be hot this fall. Nearly every designer has a fierce suede shoe coming out, often detailed with some kind of fringe. As the weather starts to cool down, look to these styles to jump into the collective fashion mainstream. Luckily, this look is something that children of all ages can copy this fall. Suede baby shoes and baby boots have always been popular for children’s shoe makers because of the durability and softness. Look for cute slip-ons that will keep little feet warm and trendy.

Another popular trend this fall is the return of the animal print. Designers are taking ordinary shoes and breathing new life into them with leopard, zebra, and tiger patterns. Bold animal prints make even a plain wool skirt pop out on a cold day. Even the tiniest baby girls can add a fun animal print to their baby clothes for this fall trend.  Like these adorable cheetah print booties.

Fur shoes and boots are getting noticed across the catwalks and will be hitting the streets when the weather starts to get colder. Parents and children can look stylish in a pair of furry shoes. Copy this style as the temperature starts to drop and you will barely notice the change. Unlike previous ultra-warm boots and shoes, these are actually designed to look good no matter what you wear.

Fall is fast approaching, and it is time to get a new pair of warm weather shoes for you and your little one. Why not keep both of you looking good all season long with the latest shoe trends from the fashion world.

By Summer Minor, children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.