Bloom Coco Transat Baby Lounger: The Luxurious and Contemporary Rocker

The Coco vessel is a baby lounger made for the elite. Made from transparent plexiglas, this rocker offers a curved shape, which allows your baby to gently rock while imitating the movement of a rocking chair. The seat is very comfortable and is made from micro-suede and a buttery leatherette. The imitation leather is actually eco-friendly as it is made from paper, plastic and recycled clothes. The materials are easy to clean and can be wiped up with a damp cloth or sponge. The harness keeps your baby safe in five different positions and can be adjusted as your child gets bigger.

If Plexiglas is a little too contemporary for your home decor, Bloom sells the same rocker in a light wooden version for 179.90 €.

Bloom’s Coco Transat is suitable for newborns right up to babies 12 kg or 18 months old. Both of the baby loungers can be purchased through The Little Fashion Gallery.

Price: 299.90 € from The Little Fashion Gallery