Dressy Fashions Rule: Kids Class It Up For School This Fall

As a child, all of my best bribes came from my parents trying to coax me into getting dressed up.  In my dressed-down book, Mary-Janes and tights were only for annual holidays and I could never wait to shed them in favor of jeans or jammies.  The fashion-forward kids of 2010’s Fall Season, on the other hand, know that frills and faux fur are fabulous and are leading the charge in classing up back-to-school shopping.

A Colorful Twist on Plaid

Plaids are in this season.  Classics like Burberry and Tartan are being worn 21st century style—in vibrant color combinations such as lavender and fuchsia.  Colors are big all around this season—pinkalicious shades of raspberry and rose reign for girls this Fall.  Even boy’s clothing is featured in deeps reds and hunter greens.

Is This a Dance Store?

Walking through our familiar, local department store, my four-year old experienced a moment of confusion when first entering the Girl’s section.  “Are we in a dance store?” she asked.  Tutu’s are not just for ballet anymore!  Paired with trendy leggings, these top-performers rule the racks this season.

Faux Furs

Animals prints have made their way to the 10 and under crowd, with styles such as zebra boots and snakeskin-print pants becoming bestsellers.  Leopard prints are another favorite, along with cow print patterns and western motifs.  Animal patterns are fun for kids and just-subtle-enough when featured on accessory items like mini-handbags, headbands, hair clips, and belts.

Preschoolers haven’t been left out either.  Toddler clothes are featuring the animal prints, bright colors, and even western motifs.  Starting your little dudes and divas out right for the school year.

Goodbye to the T-shirt-and-jeans school uniform of seasons past. 2010 is all about dressing it up and hitting the books in style.  I would have made a fortune in bribes if I was still in school!

By Signe Whitson, as a mom of two little girls she knows the latest trends in children’s fashion.  She contributes her advice to My Baby Clothes Boutique.

Photo Credit: Petit Bateau